Saturday, October 4 , 2014 was very special day for seven of the “ Children” who lived at the former children’s home
On this historic campus, as it was a sort of “homecoming “for them, as well as an opportunity to re-connect with other
“Children” whom they had not seen in about 50 years.

Those in attendance and their years of residence at the home are as follow: Paul Dougherty (1936-50), Barbara (Cummings) Vohsen (1941-49)Bob lockett (1948-62),Dan Lockett (1948-66) Wendy (Jost) Brott (1963-67), John Jost (1963-67) and Robin (Jost) Neumann (1963-67), also in attendance was Paul’s wife Dori and John’s wife , Rose Ann. Jill(Jost) Roper, was unable to attend.

Our Honored guests thoroughly enjoyed the luncheon, meeting the board and development director, as well as touring
The present home and visiting with one another. The event was a such a huge success. That they all asked to do it again next year, so the 2nd Annual Children’s Home Reunion Luncheon is set for Friday, July 31st .